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embracing the fuck out of my emerald green faux high top. 

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Being a modern day plus size fashionista that needs a professional and put together look can be challenging. While your fashion sense is superb, your resources are often slim to none. However, here are three outfit templates that can be added to your artillery of professional and fashion forward attire.

The first is a simple dress with a cardigan. This is an outfit that is truly versatile. If you want to go bold go bold! If you want to keep it classic, keep it classic. The pairings are endless. In my case, I went bold with large polka dots on my dress and a great cardigan. The main thing to remember about this look is fit. Your cardigan should be well fitted in order to ensure a well put together look. Basically save those cute slouchy cardigans for your boyfriend jeans and weekend looks.

The next look is one of my favorites because of the classic nature of the pieces, trouser pants with a great button down. I love a great wide leg pant with a pointed to shoe, as you can see. This is a great choice for days when you want to balance professionalism with a relaxed look. With this outfit fit is also very important. Trouser pants can be tricky simply because of length, while finding a button down that fits nicely without the gapping is nearly impossible. However, these items are such staples in any professional wardrobe that I truly believe putting in the time and money to actually get them altered is worth it. I have had my trousers for almost 4 years and I am still wearing them and feeling great in them!

The final look that I suggest as a great professional template is a monochrome skirt and top paired with a great blazer. I love black, possibly to a fault. However, it comes in handy when I want to showcase a piece. Basically it’s the perfect template for adding a pop of color. In my example outfit, I paired a striped preppy blazer with a fitted black skirt and top. This look is truly versatile because blazers and cardigans are endless and can make an outfit look completely different. This is by far one of the most versatile go to ensembles any professional woman can use!

I hope you have enjoyed these style tips. Be sure to let me know what your professional attire looks like? What are your go to outfits for business meetings or a day at the office? 

Thanks for your reading!

Girl On The Go With A Fro

So much yes.

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You have one night with me, what would you do?

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I’m tired as all hell. BUT I’m still cute as a button :)

I’m in love with you.

What a coincidence, I’m in love with you too!

Just so we’re clear, I’m fatter in person

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Had an interview at a fat girl clothes store today, this is what I wore.

Twin set - zelieforshe 3x

Blazer - asos curve uk22

Asos curve ring and Guess bag.

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Here is my plus size Halloween set that will up in my etsy shop later tonight!!! So keep a look out!!! 🌙✨⭐

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I find out who you are, I lose you in the dark.

yessss ma’am!!

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This woman is painfully beautiful

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